Stellar Year, and lots of Deer!

In the Fall of 2017 acorn caps dropped from our mighty oak trees in a great abundance, blanketing the ground in a layer so thick you were almost certain to roll your ankle trying to walk across the yard.

I was told that when lots of acorns drop means it will be a tough winter. I’m not sure if that is just an old wives tale, or not, but this year there seemed to be some truth to it. Snow started falling in November and it’s been present much of this winter season. We’ve made it to March, and so far this month, we have been hit by two Nor’easter storms in less than two weeks and they are saying we may potentially get hit again this coming Monday. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but I’d like to give the “old wives” credit for a thing or two!

With all the acorns in the yard, we’ve been visited often by deer.  Just this morning we saw six in the backyard; such majestic and beautiful creatures.

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