Acorn Cap Whistle™ is a women owned business in Upstate New York. Owners Angie Abbott and Patty Happy share a love for the wonders of nature. Together they have made it their mission to focus on spreading a fondness for these wonders.

At Acorn Cap Whistle™ we take great pride in producing a product made in the USA. And, being a biodegradable product with biodegradable packaging materials the Acorn Cap Whistle™ is not only fun to use, it’s environmentally friendly. That makes us whistle with glee!

Apart from all of the formalities of business there are three phases we go through to get an Acorn Cap Whistle™ ready for you…


Acorn Cap Whistle™ acorn caps are harvested in Hartford, NY, a rural town located in Upstate New York. While harvesting we carefully inspect all acorn caps for flaws and to make sure they are of sound structure. Any acorn nuts still attached to the acorn caps are removed and left for the local wildlife to consume, or to grow into a mighty oak. Click here to read more about the wildlife benefits of acorns and oaks.


Our harvested acorn caps are sent through a meticulous cleaning cycle that includes washing, baking, drying and hand brushing to completely remove any leftover debris. Each acorn cap is given a final inspection before packaging.


At Acorn Cap Whistle™ our mission is to help bring the wonder of nature to you, while ensuring we treat our planet respectfully, which is why it was important to us that our packaging be biodegradable. We love nature and felt it was important to do our part to prevent plastic waste in landfills and oceans.


All three phases have become a family affair with different members pitching in to harvest, clean and help with packaging. Our hope is to expand our operations in the near future.

We do, and we’re here to help you do it too!